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Understanding and Addressing Colorism and Bias In The Workplace

A unique diversity workshop designed for a virtual, in-person, or hybrid workforce 

Bridge The Gap Between What Is and What Could Be

Start and nurture a candid conversation about existing racism and ways forward at the individual, team, and institutional levels.




Psychologists have found that humor can be extremely helpful in discussing difficult topics by disarming and putting people at ease. We use New Yorker-style cartoons, work with cartoonists to collaborate with participants, and co-create cartoons based on the conversations and dialogue from your session. The cartoons then live on as a reminder of the session experience and progress being made.



Colorism and Bias

Colorism and bias are the genesis of issues that arise when it comes to discrimination in the workplace and often happen unknowingly. Highlighting these shows ways we inadvertently contribute to the problem and creates an awareness that forges a new road to better, safer interactions and relationships.


Anonymous Game-Activities

Gamification has been proven to better engage people by creating structure and making activities more fun. We have developed a slate of games and game-activities that you won't find in any other workshop that help to foster better, more meaningful conversations. Plus, these game-activities are played anonymously leading to a more honest exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Some of the Incredible Organizations We've Worked With

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Who We Are


Janot Mendler de Suarez | Facilitator

Janot graduated from Mt. Holyoke College and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, was a University of London Sr. Lecturer, is a Visiting Research Fellow with Boston University’s Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, consults with the World Bank, and serves as Technical Advisor & Caribbean focal point with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

As an expert facilitator and policy advisor working with over 100 countries, Janot is an innovator in transformation management, pioneering the use of serious games and creative arts for effective learning and dialogue. Janot facilitates conversations on a wide range of issues including race, climate, and social justice. 



We work with artists represented by as well as a number of independent cartoonists in different countries around the world. These cartoonists are well known for their distinctive style and their ironic and sophisticated humor. CartoonStock, the first searchable cartoon archive on the Web, was founded in 1997 to enable quality cartoonists to find a market for their vast archives of work. Over the first 20 years, CartoonStock grew to an online database of over 500,000 cartoons worldwide. Now owned by legendary cartoonist and New Yorker Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff, in addition to creating tailored cartoons that are representative of the discussions in your workshop, we’re also able to find the perfect cartoons to entertain participants and bring levity to a difficult conversation.



As an organization, we work with many different kinds of speakers and experts on the subject of racism, its causes and effects, and how best to make progress on a difficult topic. Our keynote speakers have decades of experience and incredible education and accreditation credentials.

Their focus is on subjects like:

  • Social Justice
    • Mental Health
      • Trauma
      • Improvement Strategies
      • Leadership


Regie Gibson | Spoken Word Artist

Regie Gibson is an award-winning Literary performer and has lectured & performed widely in the U.S., Cuba & Europe. Representing the U.S., Regie competed for and received the Absolute Poetry Award in Monfalcone, Italy. He is a Brother Thomas Fellow, has served as a consultant for both the National Endowment for the Arts & the “Mere Distinction of Color”: an exhibit at James Madison’s Montpelier examining the legacy of slavery & the U.S. constitution. Regie has composed literary texts for The Boston City Singers, The Mystic Chorale & the Handel+Haydn Society. He is the creator of The Shakespeare Time-Traveling Speakeasy— a theatrical, literary-concert focusing on the life of William Shakespeare. He teaches at Clark University.



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